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Handmade Swarovski Crystal White Pearl Birthstone Bracelets. 

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Whispers™ 14K Gold Ankle Bracelets

14K Gold Filled Whisper anklets are dainty rings of liquid gold, little wisps of color encircling your ankle. Whispers anklets are slimmer than most beaded anklets, and yet contain enough gold to add a gorgeous glint of precious metal as you walk. A delicate, dainty look for office or beach.

Size :

"Whispers™" Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled Anklets

Swarovski Crystal Whispers Liquid Silver Ankle Bracelets and Anklets  in light, airy, breezy colors. These new "Whispers" anklets are little wisps of color floating along liquid silver. Just the tiniest bit of glimmer, just a splash of color, just a dash of sparkle.

No heavy, beaded metal or oxidized look for these little whispers of silver or gold, they're as light as a summer breeze! Available in any Swarovski Crystal Color you might dream up for the perfect compliment to any favorite outfit, including all 12 birthstone month colors.  All beaded crystal anklets are adjustable. You can wear them above or below your ankle bone, with a sexy little drop down dangle accent charm.

Handmade in  .925 Sterling silver, 22k vermeil, or 14k gold filled, these darling little whispers of color can't wait to go for a walk with you!

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