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Women's / Ladies beaded watches are handmade for you in New Jersey, USA.









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Women's and ladies beaded watches, silver and gold jewelry wrist watches, designer swarovski crystal watches, beaded fashion watches, Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Watches, Sterling Silver Ladies dress watches, woman's  beaded watches bands, beaded gold watches,  handmade with .925 sterling silver, 14k. gold, swarovski crystals and semi precious gemstones.



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Beaded Watches: Ladies Jewelry Wrist Watches

Swarovski Women's Gemstone Beaded Watches


Sage Green Pearls with 14K Gold Filled Accents.

Genuine Sapphire Ladies Jewelry Wrist Watch

September Sapphire Birthstone Beaded Watches


Swarovski Austrian Crystal Birthstone Jewelry

Out of Stock


Genuine gemstone beaded watches. March: Aquamarine Birthstone Gemstone beaded watches Band.

Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Black Onyx Gemstone Beaded Watch


Genuine gemstone beaded watches. February: Amethyst Birthstone Gemstone beaded watches Band.

Birthstone Jewelry

Out of Stock

Success, Prosperity and Abundance in Sterling Silver

Swarovski Austrian Crystal Birthstone Jewelry

Out of Stock


June Birthstone Beaded Watch

Serenity Prayer Watch in Gold

Out of Stock

14Kt GF - Serenity Prayer Beaded Wrist Watch

Handmade beaded watches handcrafted with Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, genuine semi precious gemstones and .925 sterling silver or 14k gold filled accents. 

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Women's and ladies beaded silver and gold jewelry wrist watches, designer swarovski crystal watches, beaded watches, sterling silver Ladies watches, woman's  beaded watches bands, beaded gold watches,  handmade with sterling silver, 14k. gold, swarovski crystals and semi precious gemstone accents.

beaded watches Customer Testimonials: 


Shirley, I just want to say that your beautiful watch has just made my Christmas so special!  As you know, my grandparents wanted to give me something really special for Christmas that I could pick out myself and that they could watch me open Christmas morning. The watch arrived on December 22nd, but my mother wouldn't let me see it until I opened it Christmas day!

It was even more beautiful, unique and intricate than I'd imagined and my grandparent's were thrilled that they had been able to give me a gift that I will enjoy and cherish for many years to come. You have a wonderful gift and the personal touches you put into your jewelry and into the communication process with your clients really makes buying from you a real pleasure. Your website is definitely staying on my Favorites list!   Erin Johns


Hello Shirley,  My name is Erin Johns and I have absolutely fallen in love with your unique and gorgeous gemstone beaded watches. My grandparents want to give me something really special for Christmas and I knew that your Aquamarine Swarovski crystal and Sterling Silver Beaded Watch would be the perfect gift.

Thank you very much for your time in placing this custom beaded watches for me with a different watch face and sizing - its so nice that you make every watch yourself and can do this! I absolutely adore ALL of your jewelry--thank you for sharing your beautiful artistic talent with everyone! - Sincerely, Erin Johns


Dear Shirley, I received my watch in good condition and it is beautiful - even more so than the picture showed! It is a little big even ordering the smallest size but I am enjoying it too much to return it for sizing! Thank you so much for such a beautiful product. I have received many compliments. I certainly will order from you again.  Patti Moore


Shirley, I  just want you to know that Susan LOVES the watch. (custom 2 tone) She gasped with joy when she opened the box and is still talking about it. Bravo!!! It is beautiful and looks just right on her -- and fits her very well -- and she loves the stones. Thank you so very much -- Lewis,  Orlando



Damali™ by GemStoneGifts Handmade Gemstone Jewelry
Damali means "Beautiful Vision"

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Directory of 400 Ancient Crystal Healing Remedies,
using the healing power of gemstones to promote recovery from addictions, heal the spirit,
promote good health, abundance, prosperity, and career success.

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