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January Siam Swarovski Crystal Bracelet in Silver

January Garnet Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

February Amethyst Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

March Aquamarine Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

April Diamond Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

May Emerald Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

June Alexandrite Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

July Ruby Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

August Peridot Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

August Olivine Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

September Lt. Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

September Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

October Light Pink Tourmaline Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

October Pink Tourmaline Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

November Citrine Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

November Golden Topaz Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

December Blue Zircon Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

December Tanzanite Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

Damali Chakra Jewelry: Crystal and gemstone healing chakra jewelry created to balance the energy centers of the body. Chakra gemstones can help balance all 7 chakras, (the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown). Each of the 7 stones vibrates at a different number and aligns one of the chakras. When combined they become a overall balancing healing jewelry.
1st Chakra - Self-Preservation: Red - 2nd Chakra- Self-Gratification: Orange - 3rd Chakra-Self-Definition: Yellow - 4th Chakra-Self-Acceptance: Green - 5th Chakra-Self-Expression: Blue - 6th Chakra-Self-Reflection: Indigo - 7th Chakra-Self-Knowledge: Purple.
You do NOT need to perform any type of "ceremony" to activate your Chakra jewelry. Gemstones are ancient healers, born hundreds of thousands of years ago, and they have known their role since the beginning of time. Their vibrations are constant and natural. They will naturally and gently bring the chakras into balance using the power of crystals and the color of the stones.
Damali - Jewelry for the Soul was inspired by the ancient meanings of gemstones. We create meaningful adornments that promote balance, harmony, prosperity, and healing by using the ancient healing quality of gemstones and colors. Damali Jewelry contains a sort of "cypher", which is a secret or hidden gemstone message that attracts or creates the vibrations necessary to invoke the desired results. Damali healing gems are designed in the spirit of conscious living with the hope that Damali jewels will help people live together in a sprit of harmony, balance, love, and peace. We hope Damali jewels will engage, inspire, amuse, and comfort you, and help find your path to a life beyond your wildest dreams.
Damali jewelry is handcrafted one at a time in the USA by DaMaLi Healing Gems Jewelry (formally Gemstone Gifts Handmade Jewelry) using reclaimed materials and recycled sterling silver, dipped 18k gold, and 14K Gold Filled elements.
Each item in the Damali Intention Jewelry collection comes in a gift box with a gift card for each piece.

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Damali™ by GemStoneGifts Handmade Gemstone Jewelry
Damali means "Beautiful Vision"

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