When is a Chakra Bracelet NOT a Chakra Bracelet?

When is a Chakra Bracelet NOT a Chakra Bracelet?


First, Consider WHY people buy Chakra Bracelets

Chakra Bracelets are serious, ancient healing tools,
purchased for Healing, Balancing, Alignment, and Meditation.

With that in mind, here are some facts to help you purchase a genuine Crystal Healing Chakra Bracelet.

Let’s start with RECONSTITUTED gemstone beads used for Chakra Bracelets that you often see at ridiculously cheap prices on marketplaces. How can they sell genuine gemstone bracelets so inexpensively?  The truth is, they don’t.

So, what are they?

“Reconstituted” is basically a “man made” bead.  It is a term describing stones or beads made from "stone powder" – i.e. ground up low-grade stones bound together with an epoxy., The mix is then compressed into blocks and formed into beads or used as inlays within pendants. There are not actually gemstones. Do not be fooled with the term “Natural Stones” because they are made of ground up stone powder. They don’t vibrate to ANY number at all.

Did you know that?  Click HERE to learn more….

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