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Intention Jewelry: Wealth, Abundance & Success

Abundance is more than wealth.
Success is more than Career Advancement.

Feeling truly Abundant is to know that you are tied to the Universal Source of all that is,and know that the Universe WANTS you to be happy!  Your were meant to have all that you need.  Material abundance, relationships, satisfying work, health and spiritual serenity. The Universe knows your hearts desires.  Learn to trust.  You were born to a great purpose, and meant to succeed.  Search our site for abundance jewelry, necklaces or bracelets that contain some of these stones:

Citrine, Peridot, Aventurine, Fluorite, Carnelain, Jade, Black Jade, Ruby, Topaz, Tiger Eye, Green Tourmaline, Opal, Iolite, Amethyst, Amazonite, Amber, Charoite,  Green Amber, Jet, Pyrite, Marcasite,  Turquoise , Cat's-Eye, Emerald, Jade, Mother-of-Pearl, Olivine, Pearl,  


ABUNDANCE BRACELET INTENTION: WEALTH | PROSPERITY | ABUNDANCE | SUCCESS The Color Green symbolizes Growth, Abundance, Prosperity, and Hope Citrine:  This stone is particularly good for material wealth, prosperity and career success.  Success can also mean advancement in a career, a business, or simply as a human on a spiritual quest. Citrine is yellow, the color of logic and the...


Women’s Personal Power and Career Success Bracelet ACTION | AMBITION | PASSION | DRIVE | AGATES are considered POWER STONES. They are very grounding, solid and stable. All Agates have excellent protective and healing energy, and stimulate analytical capabilities and precision. If you must deal with numbers, details (like shopping lists, appointments, balancing a checkbook) spread sheets, charts and accounts,...