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DAMALI by GemstoneGifts Handmade Jewelry

Black Spinel Chakra Necklace Balance, 3MM Black Spinel Align Ancient & Traditional Crystal Meaning NEC-CHA23

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4MM Authentic Chakra Necklace

Not Reconstituted. Not Synthetic. Not Imitation. Not Lab Created.
Not Man Made. Not Rocks. Just Genuine Gemstones.

GENUINE Chakra Stones enhance Crystal Healing, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation & Prayer. Do not be confused by the term "All Natural Stones". The gravel in your driveway and stones in your backyard are "all natural stones", but they are NOT gemstones.

An Authentic Chakra Bracelet made with genuine gemstones can Balance Heart, Mind and Soul.


14k Gold Filled Beads accent seven colorful Genuine Top Grade 4MM Gemstone Beads specially selected for their color and clarity in this Chakra Necklace from the DAMALI Chakra Jewelry Collection.

This 7 Stone Chakra Necklace is handmade using petite, smooth 4MM gemstones in:

  • Red Garnet
  • Orange Carnelian
  • Yellow Opal
  • Green Onyx
  • Blue Turquoise
  • Indigo Lapis Lazuli
  • Purple Amethyst

Finished with a 14k Gold Filled chain and secure Lobster Claw. Notice the 2 Inch jewelry extender included with this necklace, so you may vary the length as suits your outfit!


There are seven chakra or energy vortexes in the body. A balanced chakra results in more energy during the waking hours, more tranquility and peace during rest hours, and more restful sleep.

The 1st Chakra supports Stability & Security.

The 2nd Chakra is I FEEL and stimulates the Emotions and Sexuality.

The 3rd Chakra is about Will Power and Personal Power.

The 4th Chakra is supports the Heart. Compassion, Love, Forgiveness, all stem from the Heart Chakra.

The 5th Chakra is about Communication & Connection with Honesty.

The 6th Chakra supports the Mind, improves Intuition, Insight, Perception, Belief.

The 7th Chakra supports Spirit. Awareness, Wisdom, Spirituality.


Packaged in a Jewelry Gift Box including a Gift Card with Chakra Meanings, ready for gifting or receiving.

1. Meanings of Gemstones

Birthstone or Gemstone Mreanings :

2. Materials in this Item

What is it made with?

Black Spinel Chakra Necklace Balance, 3MM Black Spinel Align Ancient & Traditional Crystal Meaning NEC-CHA23


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Customer Reviews

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Alana Cullington
Many Compliments

I have had my Chakra necklace but a few days and already I am receiving a number of compliments about it! Beautiful, stunning beads make this Chakra necklace my new favorite necklace. Proud to support a small business.

Cathy Plec
Hi!! The necklace is beautiful!!

Hi!! The necklace is beautiful!! When I opened package my daughter was with me and I could tell my her reaction and how beautiful she thought was as well that she would probably love to have one but is on a tight budget soooo I decided to give her mine😊
She said the only way she would accept if I promised to get myself another one...sooo here I am asking if you could make me one like last one so it would be 14 inches with one inch extra to be able to make a little longer if needed? 🌸