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Crystal Healing Stones

The number in front of the stones lets you know the PRIMARY CHARKA for that stone.

Tumbled stones from DAMALI are here and ready to help you reach your goals, or brings calm, soothing energy into your life.  We have a nice selection of all natural, un-dyed tumbles stones for you to choose from.

Remember that tumbled stones are crystals in their natural form, not faceted or cut for jewelry, so you can expect semi-precious stones like Rubies, Emeralds, and Citrine to have natural inclusions and sometimes, rough surfaces. Every Stone is unique, and has its own energy and story to tell those who can hear and learn from them.

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RED TIGER IRON Protection, patience and motivation. Helps to overcome lethargy. Provides determination and focus. Enhances the flow of qi. Strengthening and energizing. Balances the Root and Sacral chakras.