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Color: Green Jewelry | Jade - Peridot - Olivine - Varisite - Aventurine - Diapostse & More


THE COLOR GREEN balances our energies, increases love, empathy and compassion. It is good for working with nature and the environment. It increases prosperity and good fortune. Green strengthens the heart, lungs and respiratory system. It helps fight infection and viruses. Green can also counter panic attacks and addiction.

Green represents abundance, renewal, growth and nature. It is a harmonizing, balancing and calming color. Green is a healing color that gives healing energy to the heart.

Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth, renewal, and harmony. Green is the color of nature. It brings peace and harmony into our lives. It is the color of Healing and Hope, optimism, freedom, balance.

KEYWORDS FOR THE COLOR GREEN:  - Growth, fertility, harmony, healing, refreshing, peaceful, contentment, satisfaction, confidence, money, prosperity, hope, luck, beauty.

Dark Green is associated with ambition, greed, and jealousy.


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The Anahata Chakra 4th Heart Chakra Bracelet Black Onyx & Green Nephrite Jade Heart Chakra BraceletGREEN symbolizes wealth, abundance, hope, growth and renewalGREEN instills compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and connection GREEN Spiritually Effects our ability to express unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. JADE Vibrates in harmony with the Heart Chakra unlike any other stone. This gem stone is the ultimate symbol...


Black Onyx Green Aventurine Heart Chakra Bracelet Healing | Abundance | Growth Primary Chakras: Heart Astrological signs: Virgo, Taurus