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April Birthstone Jewelry | April Power Stones | April Zodiac Stone Jewelry

Born In April Your Birthstones are:


April MAJOR Power Stone: RED JASPER

Other Power Stones for the Month of APRIL:

Agate, Carnelian,  Coral Fire Agate,  Aquamarine,  Aventurine,  Bloodstone,  Cat's Eye,  Citrine,  Chrysoprase, Emerald,  Citrine, Garnet, Hematite,  Jade, Ruby

Modern Diamond

Traditional Diamond

Mystical Opal

Ayurvedic Diamond

Hebrew Sapphire



Zodiac (Taurus) Sapphire

Talismanic (Aires) Garnet


BLACK PEARL JEWELRY WITH CRYSTAL ACCENTS A classic look with a Modern touch!> This Faux Black Pearl Bracelet is the perfect Menage' A Trois of Jewelry: It is an elegant pearl bracelet, a traditional birthstone bracelet, and has the Sparkle and Dazzle of a modern Swarovski Crystal Bracelet! This Faux Black Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Beaded Bracelet is made...


CLASSIC BLACK IS ALWAYS BACK! Black Onyx - Smooth, Sleek, Stylish, Stackable, and Trendy! You’ll love this simple, classic Black Onyx April Birthstone Bracelet that goes with absolutely everything! This black onyx beaded bracelet goes just as well with your favorite jeans as it does with your little black dress! Solid Black Onyx Beaded Bracelets surround the Genuine Swarovski Crystals...