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April Birthstone Jewelry | April Power Stones | April Zodiac Stone Jewelry

Born In April Your Birthstones are:


April MAJOR Power Stone: RED JASPER

Other Power Stones for the Month of APRIL:

Agate, Carnelian,  Coral Fire Agate,  Aquamarine,  Aventurine,  Bloodstone,  Cat's Eye,  Citrine,  Chrysoprase, Emerald,  Citrine, Garnet, Hematite,  Jade, Ruby

Modern Diamond

Traditional Diamond

Mystical Opal

Ayurvedic Diamond

Hebrew Sapphire



Zodiac (Taurus) Sapphire

Talismanic (Aires) Garnet


Jewels for Gents™ 14K Gold Mens April Birthstone Bracelet 6MM Quartz Crystal Birthstone Bracelet for Men Simple, Classic, Elegant, and Trendy. No Stretchy Strings - No Silver Tone - No Silver Finish   NOT man-made, NOT Re-Constituted, NOT Synthetic, NOT Lab Created, NOT Simulated.  Just. Genuine. Gemstones & 14K Gold Filled Accents Available in 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Rose Gold, or...


Jewels for Gents™ Mens Herkimer Diamond Birthstone Bracelet  April Birthstone Bracelets for Men Simple. Classic. Elegant. Trendy. Polished 4MM Black Onyx beads are paired with Sterling Silver to give this striking bracelet a simple yet sophisticated look. No Stretchy Strings - No "Silver Tone" - No "Silver Finish" Just Genuine Gemstones & 925 Solid Sterling Silver. Available in 925 Sterling Silver,...