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Men's Jewelry

The DAMALI Man's Jewelry Collection combines the Ancient Wisdom of Gemstones with Precious Metals to help the Modern Man accomplish today's goals. He represents today's man who embraces CHANGE. His style is relaxed yet educated, an informed man who loves knowledge and never stops learning.  He is his own man,  and he dances to the beat of a different drum. He knows who he is, and has the self-esteem and confidence to honor who you are. He embraces the diversity of the Universe.  The DAMALI Man is grounded, and stable, promoting peace, tolerance, and harmony.  He strives to put his words into action  to bring about change in the world. He’s open and willing to expand his consciousness. He knows both his strengths and weaknesses.

Buy Authentic DAMALI Mens Jewelry to remind yourself that YOU ARE the CHANGE you want to see in the World. 

Handmade Beaded Necklaces and Beaded Bracelets for Men. Our DAMALI Men's Jewelry Collection includes our Signature Men's Crystal Healing Jewelry and Men's Chakra Jewelry.  Every single item in our Men's Jewelry collection is made with Genuine Gemstones, Sterling Silver, or 14kt Gold Filled accents.  Our 100% Genuine Bracelets contain NO Elastic, Plastic, Stretching Strings, Linen Cords, Plated Metal, or anything that will deteriorate over time. The DAMALI Mens collection uses high quality, LASTING materials like genuine Gold, Sterling Silver, and Gemstones. They are made one at a time in our small USA Studio,  and crafted to last a lifetime.  Quality Jewelry for Men you will be excited to give, or thrilled to receive.

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