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Color: Red Jewelry in Garnet, Ruby, Cinnabar, Coral, and more


Red is powerfully linked to our most primitive physical and emotional needs of survival and self-preservation

Red symbolizes energy, action, confidence, courage, and change. Red brings passion and strength to your relationships, your life and your work.

RED SPIRITUALLY EFFECTS: stability, security, grounding, courage, action, physical and emotional survival.

RED PHYSICALLY EFFECTS: the adrenal glands, kidneys, spinal column, back, hips, legs and feet. If your immune system is slow-moving, red stoners will give it a kick-start. Red stones increase fertility in both men and women. Not surprisingly, red gemstones helps menstrual problems, blood and the circulation, stop bleeding, heals rashes and wounds.

RED STONES: Ruby, Carnelian, Cuprite, Garnet, Red Jade, Moonstone, Red Jasper, Calcite, Red Sardonyx

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14K Gold Filled Garnet January Birthstone Beaded Bracelet Capricorn Zodiac  GARNET-- Is good for Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aries, Capricorn, Aquarius and the heart chakra.- Cleanses and expands the aura.- Helps face challenges with optimism, and balances energies.- Purifies, recharges, and revitalizes the chakras.- Stimulates the rise if appropriate kundalini energy.- Opens the heart and revives blocked feelings.- Represents love and...

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Garnet January Birthstone Beaded Bracelet - Capricorn Zodiac  Solid 925 Sterling Silver and Genuine Garnet Gemstones Dainty Garnet Bracelet, January Birthstone Bracelet, Gemstone Bar Bracelet, Simple Minimalist Bracelet, Adjustable Stacking Bracelet with Sterling Silver Initial of your Choice.  FREE 1 Inch Extender Included.♥ When comparing Gemstone Bar Bracelets, please ZOOM in and take a close look at OUR faceted uniform...