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Genuine Chakra Jewelry

Not Reconstituted. Not Synthetic. Not Imitation. Not Man Made. Not Common Rock.  Just Genuine Gemstones.

GENUINE Chakra Bracelets enhance Crystal Healing, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation & Prayer. Do not be miss-lead by the label "All Natural Stones".  The gravel in your driveway and stones in your backyard are  "all natural stones", but they are NOT gemstones.

An Authentic, Genuine Chakra Bracelet can Balance Heart, Mind and Soul.


"The Ajna Chakra 6th Brow Chakra Bracelet Promotes Self-Knowledge, Abundance, Wisdom, Honesty And Communication Spiritually Effects - Coordination, Balance, Mental Clarity, Clairvoyance, Intuition, Wisdom LAPIS LAZULI is a Stone of Friendship and Truth. It gives us courage and leads to self acceptance. If you or your child are a bit shy, this stone can make attracting true friends easier. Lapis...