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Sobriety Bracelets, Sobriety Anklets, Sobriety Necklaces, Spiritual Recovery Jewelry


12 Steps toward Spiritual Recovery - Twelve Beads Celebrate the Journey  

A High Quality, Discrete Anniversary AA Gift that you can be proud to give or receive, and can be worn to work, or anywhere!  Gorgeous Genuine Gemstone Bracelets, Necklaces, Anklets, and Earrings made with Sterling Silver OR 14K Gold Filled, and Designer Grade Gemstones with Unique Center Stone for your Anniversary Month. A card explaining the meaning of each stone, and step it symbolizes is included.  Also included is a copy of the AA Promises.  You item will be arrive in a jewelry box with gold ribbon. 

 One of the reasons I designed these without an AA symbol was to remain anonymous. They have no AA signs or numbers to make people ask "What does the 2 stand for?" That means Sober people can wear it all day, every day, including at work. My experience with being sober over 20 years, is that after a while, you prefer to be discrete. Also, after the next anniversary, the number of years wont be valid. What about a little Birthstone at the end as a dangle for their Anniversary Month?  We call the day we got sober our Sober Birthday.



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Inspirational Jewelry & Spiritual GiftsAA Anniversary Jewelry by SOBRIETYSTONES®  Celebrate your 12 Step Spiritual Recovery Anniversary with a Unique Sobriety Gift! Alcoholics Anonymous Sterling Silver genuine gemstone beaded jewelry made with the Twelve Step Stones and finished in .925 Sterling Silver to create a discrete Alcoholics Anonymous Jewelry Gift. 12 Steps toward Spiritual Recovery - Twelve Beads Celebrate the Journey  STEP...