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Gold Crystal Authentic Chakra Necklace Balancing, Alignment, Healing Crystals NEC-CHA07


7 Crystal Chakra Necklace, Crystal Healing Necklace

Genuine 14k Gold Filled Beads accent seven colorful Genuine Swarovski Crystals in this Chakra Necklace from the DAMALI Chakra Jewelry Collection. Notice the 2 Inch jewelry extender included with this necklace, so you may vary the length as suits your outfit!  

This Chakra Necklace is handmade using faceted 6MM crystals in Red Garnet, Orange Fire Stone, Yellow Citrine, Green Peridot, Blue Aquamarine, Indigo Sapphire, and Purple Amethyst.  Finished with a full circle of 14k Gold Filled Beads, with Lobster Claw.

There are seven chakra or energy vortexes in the body.  A balanced chakra results in more energy during the waking hours, more tranquility and peace during rest hours, and more restful sleep. 

The First Chakra is all bout Stability & Security. 

The Second Chaka is I FEEL and stimulates the Emotions and Sexuality.  

The Third Chakra is about Will Power and Personal Power. 

The Fourth Chakra is all about the Heart.  Compassion, Love, Forgiveness, all stem from the Heart Chakra. 

The Fifth Chakra is about Communication & Connection with Honesty. 

The Sixth Chakra is the Mind and improves Intuition, Insight, Perception, Belief. 

The Seventh Chakra, is about Spirit. Awareness, Wisdom, Spirituality.

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Sandra C
It is beautiful and I love it !

Sorry I got so impatient for my necklace. It arrived on Friday. It is beautiful and I love it ! Thank you so much !

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