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Associating Crystals with Zodiac Signs and Birth dates is by far the oldest, longest standing jewelry tradition. Attributing stones with the power to affect the wearer goes back over 100,000 years ago, long before the 12 Birthstones that seem to be associated with the making of Aarons Breastplate in the Bible. 

When selecting crystals for yourself, in addition to representing your Sign and Month, personalize it by choosing stones for the unique symbolism attached to each crystal that calls to YOU, and make your Crystal Healing Jewelry one of a kind!

Be creative when selecting crystals, there is a gemstone to represent every situation and feeling you can imagine! Are you Feisty and Fiery?  Cool and Calm? Intellectual? Creative?  Spiritual? There are at least a handful of crystals for every situation. Browse our Crystal Healing Guide for Ideas!

Browse the Collection below of Birthstones by Month, or you can search (above) for your Birthstone for each month in Birthstone Bracelets, Birthstone Necklaces, Birthstone Anklets or Birthstone Earrings by Month, Color, or Gemstone.

We offer Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Jewelry in Sterling Silver or Gold Filled.  We also offer a wide selection in genuine gemstones for your birth month. Go to our Meanings of Birthstones or Meanings of Gemstones pages to learn more!

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516 products