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Mens Sodalite Brow Chakra Gemstone Beaded Bracelet Healing Crystals Bracelet, Jewels for Gents


The Ajna Chakra

6th Brow Chakra Bracelet

Promotes Self-Knowledge, Abundance, Wisdom, Honest and Open Communication

Spiritually Effects - Coordination, Balance, Mental Clarity, Clairvoyance, Intuition, Wisdom

Indigo Sodalite Brow Beaded Chakra Bracelet for Men OR Women. SODALITE is excellent at eliminating confusion, and bringing out the truth. Helps you to think clearly and rationally, and arrive at logical conclusions. Stimulates the throat chakra, boosting self-esteem and clear communication, so that your truth can be heard. Encourages self-esteem, self-trust and trust in others.  Excellent for groups, providing fellowship, solidarity and commonality of purpose.    This mineral is dark blue with white and gray and black blotches.

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Dave Barillaro
Beautiful Mens Sodalite bracelet

Wonderful woman very easy to talk to. The bracelet was high quality and very reasonable priced. Will be buying from her again. Thank you Shirley!

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