Color: Orange Jewelry in Carnelian, Coral and more.

Collection: Color: Orange Jewelry in Carnelian, Coral and more.


ORANGE is the color of creativity, sexuality, joy, enthusiasm, and promotes a general sense of wellness.

ORANGE STONES increase and aid personal power, self-esteem and confidence. A balance of orange will let a person handle the ups and downs of life with finesse, quickly recovering from disappointments or wounded heart or pride. Orange represents confidence, joy and enthusiasm. A color that is sociable, creative and fun, orange is self-assured, cheerful and independent.

KEYWORDS FOR ORANGE - out going, self-assuredness, intellect, busy, bright, courage, creativity, relationships, property deals, authority, power, sun and fire elements, happiness, motivation, well-being, awareness, kindness, success, concentration, optimism, legal matters, strength, reproductions, business goals, selling, action, amiability, communication, cheerful, stimulation, energy.

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9 products


9 products