2E. How to Buy your FIRST Chakra Bracelet

2E. We make a large variety of Chakra Bracelets for every budget!

 You will find DAMALI Chakra Bracelets in Swarovski Crystal, Genuine Gemstones. Beaded or Wire Wrapped, With Black Greek Leather Bands, in Sterling Silver, or Gold-Filled Accents. 

Like all jewelry, the price difference is in the QUALITY of the gemstones and metals used to create the bracelet.

We use a common "commercial" grade of gemstones beads in some of our everyday Chakra bracelets, and men’s crystal healing jewelry, and the price is reflected accordingly.  We also use Designer Quality Grade A gemstones beads in our higher end Chakra bracelets.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE in the vibrational quality of better gemstones, (and anyone that says you need very high quality gemstones is very good at marketing… not so good at telling the truth) but as in all jewelry purchases, sometimes you want everyday quality, and sometimes you want something a little extra special.

When the gemstones for Chakra Bracelets are properly selected, for their specific vibrations, the Chakra energy centers of the body become balanced and run at full throttle.   Think of it as a “tune-up”, the same as you would with any engine that you want to run smoothly and in sync.

Each of the 7 stones selected in every Chakra Bracelet must vibrate to a different number to align each of the seven chakras, they can not just be a different color.

When combined they become an overall balancing chakra jewelry.

USE:  You do NOT need to perform any type of "ceremony" to activate your Chakra jewelry. Gemstones are ancient healers, born hundreds of thousands of years ago, and they have known their role since the beginning of time. Their vibrations are constant and natural. They will naturally and gently bring the chakras into balance using the power of crystals and the color of the stones.  WE cleanse, energize our Chakra Bracelets before they are shipped.

Click on the links below to learn more about each Chakra and how it effects your body.