8C. Gemstones to Support Emotional Strength, Personal Power & Courage,


Aquamarine : Natural healers used to increase courage.

Bloodstone : Red varieties assists soldiers going into battle--gives power, courage and strength

Carnelian : Promotes courage and self-confidence.

Fire Opal : Emotional strength and ability to resist stress.

Fossils : Bring power to magical rituals.

Gold : Enhances confidence, strength and courage.

Iolite : Gives emotional energy.

Labradorite : Helps with responsible use of power.

Black Opal : Favored by Magicians and Wiccans as a "power stone".

Peruvian Blue Opal : Courage to speak out against injustice.

Poppy Jasper : Boosts courage when faced with daunting obstacles.

Red Jasper : Courage and energy in the face of conflict. Brings rescue from peril.

Staurolite : Instills courage in the face of doubt.

Tourmaline : Black Tourmaline is thought to instill self-control and self-mastery

Tourmaline : Red Tourmaline is thought to instill courage and will-power.

Tourmilated Quartz : Thought to give the power to change the unchangeable.