8D. Gemstones to Support Intellect, Logic, and Reasoning

Gemstones for Logic & Reasoning

Great Stones and combinations for College Students, Accountants,Technicians, Programmers, IT Workers, anyone with a job that requires Focus and Concentration.

DECISION MAKING: Aventurine, Sunstone

CONCENTRATION: Carnelian, Red Jasper, Blue Topaz

FOCUS: Black Onyx, Malachite, Tiger Eye

SELF CONTROL: Clear Quartz Crystal, Pyrite, Gold Jade, Sugilite, Moss Agate, Bloodstone, Azurite, Dolomite, Amber, Opal, Kyanite, Amazonite



AQUAMARINE: Increase thought and intelligence.

ANGELITE: Help in Technical Studies.

APATITE: Improves Intellect (yellow).

CALCITE: Thought to increase intellect, heal mental processes and increase wisdom.

CHRYSOCOLLA: Said to give wisdom to its wearer.

DIOPSIDE: Said to improve practicality, mathematical ability and intellect.

EMERALD: Puts one in mood for communication - lets you sort through lots of information for truth - stimulates your mental capacity - allows you to combine intelligence with discernment to create "right" action

FLUORITE: Thought to increase intellect and intelligence, esp. yellow variety.

HEMATITE: "Stone for the mind" - helps you sort things out - enhances mental attunement, memory, original thinking and technical knowledge

HESSONITE: Thought to rid one of profane, aggressive thoughts.

IOLITE: Ability to discern truth.

JADE: Increase wisdom.

LABRADORITE: Improve the intellect, wisdom and use of power.

LAPIS LAZULI: Used by ancient judges in Egypt to bring fairness and wisdom.

MARBLE: Improve intellect and wisdom, purify thoughts.

ONYX (Yellow): Knowing when to keep silent.

PETRIFIED WOOD AGATE: Increase wisdom and grounding.

SHELL: Help make wise decisions.

SNOW QUARTZ: Improve concentration.

STAUROLITE: Help discern truth.

TIGER EYE : Softens stubbornness - helps with clarity - enables you to deal intellectually with scattered details which must be brought together in some fashion

TOPAZ: Helps you to understand the actions occurring in the big picture as well as the interrelationships occurring in the minute detail while also helping you to cut through uncertainty via astute reasoning.

TOURMALINE (YELLOW): Increases wisdom and intelligence.

TOURMILATED QUARTZ: Give the ability to see the truth.