A - Meaning of AQUAMARINE | Stone of Courage & Serenity |

Guide to Using Aquamarine Crystals and Gemstones as A Symbol, Totem, Charm, Talisman, or Amulet.

The Meaning of AQUAMARINE


COLOR: Light blue variety of beryl



BIRTHSTONE: Stone of Scorpio or Gemini , March Birthstone

CAREERS: Public Speakers, Collage Students, Radio Announcers, DJ's, Politicians, Orators, Civic Leaders.

KEYWORDS FOR AQUAMARINE: Confidence, Purpose, Serenity, Peace, Tranquility, Calming, Soothing, Cleansing Communication, Self-Awareness.


Aquamarine is a stone of courage. It accelerates the intellectual reasoning process and makes one unconquerable thru learning - not only of knowledge passed thru teachers of the past and present, but of oneself.

Aquamarine blue is a divine and eternal color, since it is, after all, the color of the skies. Aquamarine is also the color of water, with its life-giving properties. This stone is attuned to the ocean and helps us to get in touch with the nature spirits of the sea. Take some time, close your eyes, breath deep and remember sitting on the beach at dusk, the water coming in, the cool breeze. This is Aquamarines gift to you.

According to legend it has its origin in the treasure chest of the mermaids, and has for ages been reputed to be a lucky stone for sailors. Very good stone to take on vacations and cruises.

Promotes safe travel on water.

Combats depression

COMMUNICATION: This stone is excellent to help enhance your communication skills. Couples who are having trouble communicating will find this stone useful for working out differences in a friendly manner. It stimulates, activates, and cleanses the throat Chakra.

BALANCE: Aids in becoming more attuned to spiritual levels of awareness and yet remain centered.

SERVICE: Encourages the ideal of humanitarian service to the world and to the development of humanity. Light-heartedness, creativity.

FOCUS ON SUCCESS: Aquamarine gives you strength you need to take responsibility for yourself. Will keep you on track, assisting you in maintaining a persistent path towards your goals, helping to guarantee your success.


Throat, spleen, heart, immune system, thymus, lymph nodes. Especially: mouth, ears, breathing allergies, journeys, sea goddess, seeing through people, protection.


Public Speakers, collage students, radio announcers, DJ's, politicians, orators, civic leaders.