R - Meaning of RUBY

Guide to Crystal Healing with Gemstones and Crystals

for Use As a Symbol Totem or Talisman:

The Meaning of RUBY

"The Stone of Nobility" chosen by Kings and Leaders for centuries because it is a "A Stone of Wise Choices and Decisions"

Main Chakra: Heart

Vibrates to the number of 3

Astrological Sign of Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, & Sagittarius

Birthstone: July

If you are in a 12 Step Program, this is A Third and Eighth Step Stone

Color: Strawberry Pink


The energy of Ruby is intense and vivid. It is the chosen stone of Leaders, Kings and Priests for its ability to guide and help make wise and noble decisions. Ruby stimulates the Heart Chakra. It helps you to change, and make the transition from the person you are today, to the person you want to be, and wish to be in your heart. To become the person you were meant to be.Eliminates the "Martyr" syndrome, the underlying belief that you are somehow "less than" that sets you up to fail by thinking you need to experience pain and suffering to learn. The Universe has all of infinity at its disposal to teach you, it does not need you to be its whipping boy. It is said that the power of Ruby is in its encouragement to follow your dreams and your bliss, helping you to change your world. Ruby will bring light to the dark places in ones life, bringing a spark of awareness to those places where you might still need work, and giving you the opportunity to clear that path. Ruby also heightens our love for life, giving us motivation and inspiration to choose wisely for ourselves and others.Ruby's wisdom is in teaching you how precious you are. You were created in Love, and meant to be happy.

For people in recovery, it is said to reduce the time needed for chemicals and toxins to exit the body.

Improves ones outcome in controversies and disputes

Excellent protection stone

Particularly good for helping to make wise financial decisions

One of the stones used in the breastplate of the High Priest

Fertility Stone

Detoxifies and eliminates chemicals from your system


Treatment of fever, circulatory constrictions, heart disorders, blood flow, muscular system, throat, parathyroid glands, brain.


Spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge, wealth, bliss, transition, change, choices,

Archangel Raphael is the Archangel for those in need of healing, wholeness, and unity and he is affiliated with the colors green and deep pink.