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Handmade Gold Citrine Gemstone Anklets, November Birthstone Beaded Ankle Bracelets


Citrine 14k Gold Filled Healing Crystal Gemstone Anklets for Women

Joyful | Positivity | Creative 

Activate Crystal Healing Energy by wearing genuine gemstones on your ankle pulse points. This 14k Gold Anklet is made with over 5 grams of 14k gold filled beads. Made to last and keep its shine for years to come.


  • Aligned with planet Mars and the Sun, yellow instills Personal power and fulfilment, abundance, courage and self-confidence

    The color Yellow has stood for wisdom and intellect throughout the ages. It aids logic, memory, concentration, will - power and communication.

    Yellow is full of creative and intellectual energy. A "sun color", it makes us feel happy and optimistic. People that suffer from seasonal disorders and become depressed in winter months should try adding some yellow to their wardrobe and environment. It lifts the soul. Yellow represents happiness, clarity and sunlight. A stimulating, joyous and intelligent color, yellow is optimistic, confident and full of self esteem.

    Creativity - Expansive and free to do and be all that we can be. Helps you feel expressive, curious, and experimental.

    It helps you go through changes, such as adjusting to a new job, or moving to a new place, or new school.

    Cheerful, joyful, and friendly, yellow promotes optimism.

    Yellow stones, such as Amber and Citrine, help in overcoming money troubles.

    When this Chakra is blocked we experience: Shame, anger, fear, bitterness, resentment, prejudice and hate.

    Yellow Spiritually Effects - Personal power, strength, sense of self worth, transformation, courage and laughter

    Yellow Physically Effects - Stimulates nervous system, metabolic rate, calms the stomach and digestive system, aids eczema and other skin problems, pancreas and liver.

The ONLY way to size a beaded item is to add or remove beads, so beaded items are priced by LENGTH.  A bracelet in this style will have 3 gemstone "stations" using 9 Gemstone Beads.  A anklet bracelet in this style will have 15 Gemstone Beads as pictured.

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