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14kt Gold Filled Crystal Beaded Anklets Swarovski Element Birthstone: Tanzanite December



Anklets are just a bit of carefree flirty, frivolous, fun for your feet!

And that's why we love them! Life and Work is often so serious!There are so many rules, and must nots about what to wear for so many occasions.Have you noticed?No one ever said "don't wear an anklet!" lol.They are totally under the radar when it comes to dress codes.  

So just what is it about an anklet that makes you feel a little prettier, a little sexier, a little bit naughty?It is the Gold? The Sparkle? The Glances? Or just you knowing you have a little extra dash of color that is going to pull the whole look together?

Whatever it is, our gold filled swarovski crystal beaded anklets are sure to be a welcome addition to your wardrobe.

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