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Mens Handmade 7 Stone Semi-Precious Chakra Bracelet w/Hematite


Our 6mm Hematite Beaded Chakra Bracelet in genuine gemstone beads is suitable for both Men OR Women. This DAMALI 7 Stone Chakra Bracelet is carefully hand crafted using 7 different genuine semi-precious gemstones of Red Garnet, Orange Carnelian, Yellow Tiger's Eye, Green Canadian Jade, Blue Amazonite, Indigo Lapis Lazuli, and Purple Amethyst Gemstone Beads.

HEMATITE: As a power stone, Hematite is closely tied to Mother Earth. This makes it a perfect Base Chakra gem, aligning your physical energies with those of the Earth. Hematite is an excellent meditation stone for beginners. For students and engineers, it aids in solving mathematical calculations, improves technical knowledge, memory and mental dexterity.

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