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Mens Green Nephrite Jade Raw Nugget Heart Chakra Gemstone Beaded Bracelet, Jewels for Gents


Jade 4th Heart Anahata Chakra Bracelet

9MM Green Nephrite Jade NUGGET Heart Chakra Bracelet

GREEN symbolizes wealth, abundance, hope, growth and renewal
GREEN instills compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and connection

GREEN Spiritually effects our ability to express unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion.

JADE Vibrates in harmony with the Heart Chakra unlike any other stone. This gem stone is the ultimate symbol of calm and serenity. It helps bring serenity to the mind by releasing negative thoughts. A stone of balance and healing, it alleviates anxiety and fear based emotions.

Known as a good luck and prosperity charm for centuries. It helps you to tune into the needs of others, rising above yourself, and gives you insight into their problems.

GREEN NEPHRITE JADE: First and Foremost, Jade is a stone of Mutual Respect, Love and Friendship. The Ancients wore Jade to attract and enhance love. Jade given from a man to another man cements the bonds of friendship between them. In relationships, Jade can help foster a sprit of mutual consideration and respect, and help to settle arguments or make compromises that benefit the relationship as a whole, and not just the individual. As a stone of harmony, peace, and sincerity, it is also great for balancing male/female energies and for creating more balance in your relationships. It has an extremely powerful "blessing" energy, enhancing other gems, crystals and objects that come in contact.

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Mark C
Beautiful Product

Beautiful product. Was received in a very timely fashion.

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