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Intention: Sodalite & Moss Agate Brow Chakra Gemstone Beaded Bracelet


The Ajna Chakra

6th Brow Chakra Bracelet

Promotes Self-Knowledge, Abundance, Wisdom, Honesty And Communication

Spiritually Effects - Coordination, Balance, Mental Clarity, Clairvoyance, Intuition, Wisdom

LAPIS LAZULI is a Stone of Friendship and Truth. It gives us courage and leads to self acceptance. If you or your child are a bit shy, this stone can make attracting true friends easier. Lapis can help with depression, reducing stress and anxiety, bringing deep peace to the wearer.

It has also been used as a protective stone, sheltering the wearer/carrier from physical danger and psychic attacks (negativity directed at you).

Lapis will help you to see yourself as you truly are. If that scares you, then you do not know how beautiful you are, and you do not as yet see your true nature. You are a being of LIGHT. You were created to SHINE.

Lapis can help open the part of the mind that brings with it the knowing that you are connected to ""All that is""

BLACK ONYX: A stone of Self-Mastery and Self-Determination. It helps you become the Master of your own Fate. A good stone for Entrepreneurs and Inventors, to repel negative energy surrounding other peoples opinions or ideas.

Spiritually Effects - Coordination, balance, mental clarity, clairvoyance, intuition, wisdom"

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