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Silver Handmade Self-Esteem Crystal Healing Bracelet for Women

Rose Quartz, stone of unconditional self-love, brings confidence and inner peace. Opens your heart to receive and give love, reducing fear and resentments from past relationships that may keep you from the love you deserve.

Pink Rhodonite, stone of Unconditional love, is also a stone of self-confidence. It teaches the important lesson of self love, trusting and valuing your own opinions, intuition, and instincts.

Moonstone soothes and balances emotions, enhances self-acceptance. Helps in mastering your emotions, rather then repressing or impulsively expressing them.

Clear Quartz Crystal, the "stone of power", enhances your personal power. Rock Quartz is the most powerful, versatile multi-purpose healing stone.

Pearls stimulate your femininity and self acceptance. They symbolize Feminine Wisdom, helping you to become all that you can be. Pearls bring out the best within us, honesty, compassion, wisdom, and integrity.

Damali Jewelry for the Soul was inspired by the ancient meanings of gemstones. We create meaningful adornments promoting balance, harmony, prosperity, and healing. Designed in the spirit of conscious living, we hope Damali will help people live in a sprit of harmony, balance, love, and peace. Damali jewelry will engage, inspire, amuse, and comfort you, leading you to a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Many people are comforted and inspired by wearing purposeful jewelry reminding them of their hopes, wishes, dreams and desires of the heart. Therapeutic bracelets are crafted according to the ancient healing qualities attributed to gemstones for centuries. This is NOT a medical cure, and in no way implies that wearing gemstones should take the place of proper medical care.

Damali by GemstoneGifts Handmade Jewelry is handcrafted in our studio one at a time in the USA using reclaimed materials and recycled sterling silver, dipped 18k gold, and 14K Gold Filled elements.

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