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7001 Sterling Silver Chakra Bangle Bracelet


Chakra Bracelet to Balance Heart, Mind and Soul

Sterling Silver and Gemstone Chakra Bangle

This Chakra Bangle is handmade with 4MM Gemstone Cubes in Red Jasper, Orange Carnelian, Yellow Calcite, Green Aventurine, Blue Amazonite, Indigo Lapis Lazuli, Purple Amethyst

1st Root Chakra: Red Jasper for Physical Energy, Passion, and Desire - Blood and Circulation

JASPER was once considered a Warriors Stone, so it knows of loyalty, inner strength, and standing up for what you believe in. A power stone for those who stand for justice and fair play, especially useful for those whose job it is rectify unjust situations, such as Policemen, Fire Fighters, Social Workers, Lawyers, etc.

2nd Sacral Chakra: Orange - Carnelian for Energy - Rheumatism , Arthritis

CARNELIAN: A stone of action, ambition and drive. Excellent career stone, it is very helpful in making choices and decisions. Self Motivator. Carnelian is the most powerful ACTION stone for focusing, realization and self-actualization. Reminds one to be "in the moment".

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra: YELLOW TIGER'S EYE for Optimism and Joy - Nervous and Digestive System

YELLOW TIGER'S EYE: Stress: If you feel nervous, anxious, or fearful much of the time, this is a great stone for you. Especially helpful if you're feeling drained, overwhelmed, confused, or unfocused. Promotes balance and strength to get through difficult phases of life; relieves doubt and bestows decision making with vision and clarity.

4th Heart Chakra: Green Aventurine for Healing and Hope - Heart and Lungs

GREEN AVENTURINE: Excellent for attracting abundance & wealth. This is the stone of opportunity. Aventurine is known as the stone of chance or luck. It is also considered an all purpose healing stone. Another potent stone for relieving stress, anxiety, and emotional discomfort. It helps us to see alternatives and potentials.

5th Throat Chakra: Blue Sodalite for Communication, Tranquility and Intuition - Headaches & Sore throats

BLUE SODALITE: This stone is excellent to help enhance your communication skills. Couples who are having trouble communicating will find this stone useful for working out differences in a friendly manner. It stimulates, activates, and cleanses the throat Chakra.

6th Brow or Third Eye Chakra: Indigo Fluorite - Knowledge and Intuition - Pituitary gland, eyes, brain and nervous system

FLOURITE can help increase your concentration, and heighten your intuition. It can help you maintain an unbiased impartiality when decisions need to be made by reducing you emotional involvement in a situation. Fluorite is particularly good for accessing the universal energies that activate all that is good for your body, and is able to assist you in reaching the ultimate state of physical perfection.

7th Crown Chakra - Violet Amethyst for Spirituality and Meditation. Pineal gland, top of spinal cord and brain stem

AMETHYST is a stone of the mind. It helps to bring calmness and clarity where there is anxiety and confusion. Wear Amethyst if you want to get in touch with your intuition, your feelings, or your values. Amethyst helps one learn of all things spiritual, mystic and psychic.

Quartz Crystal - Universal healer and energy booster. Amplifier. Focuses, stores, transforms, energizes. Perfect for focusing affirmations and prayers. Stimulates psychic perception. Teaches each person at their own level, and at their own speed. Empowers. Attunes to all chakras, all signs, and all numbers.

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