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Emotional Healing Bracelet - Healing the Heart Crystal Healing Bracelet:



Intention: Forgive | Relieve Sorrow or Grief |  Re-Establish Trust

ROSE QUARTZ heals past emotional wounds.  It brings self-confidence and self-esteem, which usually suffer when we have problems with our relationships. Especially if we have been rejected or betrayed.  Rose Quartz helps us to remember that regardless of anyone else's feelings about us, the Universe sees us as forever lovable and worthy of love.  You are a being of Light!  You are priceless.

PERIDOT helps us deal with the destructive emotions of anger, bitterness, resentment, envy and jealousy which keep us stuck in justifiable emotional turmoil.  We don't let go of these destructive emotions for anyone but ourselves.  They can destroy your ability to give and receive love.

  • Unable to let go of the anger and resentments, we cannot forgive.
  • Unable to forgive, we cannot build TRUST.
  • Unable to trust, we fear to love again.
  • And so we rob ourselves of our own happiness.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL brings with it wisdom, and the ability to make right choices for ourselves, without sacrificing the happiness of others. The Universe has the resources of the entire Universe at its disposal.  It can figure out how to make you happy without sacrificing the happiness of anyone else.

AQUAMARINE is here for courage and communication between people.  The courage to do whatever is best for you, your future, and your life.  The courage to change the things that you can.  Aquamarine for the courage to speak your truth, stand by your convictions and decisions to do “the next right thing” that brings you one step further to happiness.

AMETHYST is the stone of Spirit, helping us to get in touch with our intuition, our feelings, our emotions, and our personal values.  Its helps us to understand how we truly feel, so that Quartz Crystal can guide us to make right choices for ourselves.  When we REACT to another, rather than RESPOND to the situation before us, we make choices based on our PAST wounds, not the PRESENT.

AFFIRMATION / MANTRA: “I will not allow my past wounds to destroy my future happiness”

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