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6. Indigo Apatite Stones - THE STONE OF SELF ACCEPTENCE -

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Clarity | Spiritual Guidance | Self Expression


Astrological Signs and Zodiac Power Stones for: Gemini, Libra

APATITE is related to service and to the development of humanitarian pursuits.
Apatite offers an energetic focus on clearing and stimulating the third eye chakra. It also stimulates inner visions, enhances psychic ability, and helps one to understand one’s current life karmic reality.

APATITE This is the stone of self acceptance which helps dissolve negativity. Energizes, instills motivation, eases anger and allows self-expression. It stimulates psychic development. Wearing it contributes to an unconditional acceptance of circumstances and people. Many believe it to be so potent that even a VERY SMAQLL piece worn continually has great power. 

Blue Apatite is a beneficial stone to work with when you speak in public. It helps you access your personal courage to find just the right pace.

It is related to service and to the development of the humanitarian pursuits: attuned to healing, storing information, communicating, balancing energy and teaching. Instills motivation and reduces apathy, exhaustion, and irritability. Improves memory and concentration. It enhances creativity, and when worn or carried has been known to help suppress hunger. It enhances creativity and awakens the finer inner self. Apatite stimulates healthy eating habits.

APATITE: Encourages healing in the areas of broken bones and bone growth, teeth, cell growth and joints. Promotes healthy eating habits. Apatite stimulates healthy eating habits, and aids in the growth of cartilage, bones and teeth and provides overall healing for the body systems, glands, meridians, and organs.

APATITE: is attuned to healing, storing information, communicating, balancing energy, and teaching. Can stimulate intellect and dissolve negativity. Use apatite with other crystals to enhance results.

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6. Indigo Apatite Stones


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