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5. Blue Celestite Stones: THE SPIRIT GUIDE - Trust, Flow, Expression, Dream Remembrance,

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  Divine Expression | Angelic Communication | Clarity


Astrological Sign and Power Stones for: Gemini, Libra

Divine energies, spirituality, meditation, divination, jump-starts spiritual development, dream recall, purity, creativity, great for the artist. 

Musicians, artists, craftsman, if you work with your hands, Celestite is great companion stone. It stimulates creativity, especially in endeavors requiring fine details and a delicate touch. This crystal directly affects your Throat Chakra, which is your communication center. If you express yourself through the arts, Celestite helps give voice to that expression.

It is extremely popular as a tool for communicating with Angelic and other Spirit Guides. It is a crystal that instantly lifts you above the mundane, once it catches your eye. Meditations with Celestite crystals will open a clear channel of communication allowing you to tap into the perfect power of the Universe's total love for you. This crystal will teach you the peaceful trust in accepting that you are part of the Divine Plan. That the ebb and flow of your life propels you where you need to be.

Learn to step out of cyclical patterns of worry and despair and walk your path in Trust. As your pathway becomes clear of thought debris, Celestite helps you communicate this lesson of Trust and Flow to others.

Use Celestite to remember your dreams. Keep a crystal under your pillow and a dream journal beside your bed. Each night request your crystal's aid while you dream, then write what you remember as soon as you get up in the morning. Dreams are tools your subconscious uses to help your physical and conscious self, heal and evolve. Celestite can speed up this process via lucid dreaming, keeping dream records and as a communication channel between these two realms.

Astral Travelers can use the crystal to improve accuracy in achieving pre-determined destinations.

Celestite eases stress and is useful in preventing diseases brought on by worry. It has been used to improve eyesight and hearing. You can ease a sore throat by placing the crystal on the afflicted area. It is also believed to aid with the functioning of the Thyroid, relieve digestive problems and eliminate toxins from the body.


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5. Blue Celestite Stones


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