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White Jade Diane Keaton Lariat Necklace Somethings Gotta Give Lasso Necklace


Pure White Jade and White Agate Lariat Necklace

It is a single strand, simple beaded lariat necklace made with a pure White Jade and White Agate. Marquis shaped focal pendant lasso inspired by the necklace in "Somethings Gotta Give" worn by Diane Keaton in the movie with Jack Nicholson. 

If you like this style, we make it in a variety of colors!

  • Measure around your neck, make sure you measure around the BASE of you neck, where the necklace will be.
  • If you want it to be lose, but still a choker style, add 2 inches.
  • For Example, if your neck measures 14 Inches, then add 2 Inches and order a size 16.
  • If you neck measures in between, like15 inches, add 2 and get 17, and then go up to the next even inch, which is 18.
  • If you neck measures 17 inches, and  you add 2 inches and get 19, you should order a 20 Inch.  If  you order a an 18 inch, it will be TIGHT around your neck, like a very snug choker would fit. 

Create a Custom Diane Keaton Lariat Necklace. You can have just about any gemstone, and any metal combined to make a custom lariat necklace or lasso necklace just the way you like it.

We have an incredible inventory of Crystals and Gemstones and we would be happy to make you a Custom Lariat Necklace in just about any gemstone of your choice.   As you will see when you browse our Lariat Necklaces or Lasso Necklaces, we also carry Black Chain Lariat Necklaces, Gunmetal Chain Lariat Necklaces for a bit of Biker Look,  and White Chain Lariat Necklaces which really look amazing in the summer!

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