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Handmade Silver Swarovski Crystal Beaded Anklets Birthstone Topaz November



We call these handmade beaded anklets "Just a Bit Twisted" because we used slightly larger, twisted, swirled beads as the main component. They are a bit larger, a bit more "attention getting" than our slim line anklets. And that just fine with us! Sometimes you WANT a little boulder look to get a little more eye-popping color. After all, what's a girl to do when it wants that special someone to take a second look at her favorite high heels or amazinglegs? These will just do the trick.

Handcrafted with .925 Sterling Silver, Genuine Swarovski Crystal Elements, strung on 57 Strand Steel Cable, and finished with a secure lobster clasp closure.

What's that, you say??? You'd like a different color, or a different size? No problem. Just ASK!

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