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Men's Intention: Emotional Fortitude


Kambara Jasper, Labradorite, AND Hematite

SEXUAXL ENERGY NECKLACE. I thought a lot before I created this necklace. I wanted a necklace that boosted not just sexual energy, but that desire and lust for life that should be present in ALL experienes, not just sexual ones. I really liked the idea of adding Laradorite for spirituality, (if you have every made love with someone you are totally in love with, then you know what a wonderful spiritual experience that can be) and added the grounding influence of Hematite - A stone of the Mind - to keep your head in charge, rather then perhaps...well...other parts of the body :)

What are Men's Healing Intention Necklaces? Tools and Symbols that help you focus on what you want more of in your life. Its not voo-doo, or magic, or even mystical. It's just a simple Universal Principle. Whatever you give your attention to will always grow, and whatever you neglect or turn away from will always fade away. Wear your Crystal Healing Necklace to help you stay focused on your true intentions!

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