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Diane Keaton Lariat Necklace Black Onyx Lasso Necklace Somethings Gotta Give


Black Onyx Lariat Necklace

I have found some SOLID Black Onyx focals just in time for Valentines Day!!!

This lasso is a single strand, simple beaded lariat necklace made with a Black Onyx Focal and matching beads. Marquis shaped focal pendant lasso inspired by the necklace in "Somethings Gotta Give" worn by Diane Keaton in the movie with Jack Nicholson. 

If you like this style, we make it in a variety of colors!

The easiest way to measure for this necklace:

  • Take a piece of YARN or TWINE, and fold it in HALF. 
  • Holding it with both hands, lift it up and put it around the back of your neck.
  • Take the two CUT ends and drop them thru the LOOP that the fold made.
  • Let the ends hang down to exactly where you want the necklace to hang
  • Remember, as you look at the picture, than one ends hangs lower than the other!  Adjust twine accordingly.
  • Cut the string off exactly where you want it to END including the BEADS. 
  • Order the  TOTAL LENGTH of the string when it is folded in HALF.

This necklace uses a solid black onyx marquis shape gemstone pendant bead that is sometimes difficult to find, and often ends up being SOLD OUT for a while until I can find more.

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