DAMALI means "Beautiful Vision"

Jewelry using the Ancient Meanings of Gemstones to support you in times that may cause Stress, Anxiety, Strife, and Scarcity. Our Goal is to offer support as you seek Prosperity, Abundance, Peace, Serenity, and strong Relationships with God, Family and Friends.


Mens Beaded Necklaces: Gifts with Meaning

What would make your life better?

Releasing negative energy along with it's Worry, Stress, and Anxiety? Increasing Confidence and Focus to reach your goals? Bringing Abundance, Creativity, and Success back into your work? Increasing your Physical Strength and Endurance? Support for unexpected changes in your Life, Health, Work, or Relationships? Do you have trouble simply being able to Settle and Relax after a long busy day, achieving Calm and Peace?

More than simple adornment, Inspirational Necklaces with Meaning bring an added dimension of Intention: Energy, Focus, and Healing. If you are looking for help or change, you have come to the right place! Gemstones, Crystals and Symbols help to focus on what you want more of in your life, whether it is Personal Protection, Increased Energy, Added Security, Mindful Meditation, Attracting Love, Abundance, Health, or Spiritual Connection.

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Spiritual Recovery Jewerly


We combine the Ancient Meaning of Gemstones into Spiritual Recovery Jewelry with a SOBER Point of View.

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    Love it or Leave it! We offer a 30 Day, NO QUESTIONS ASKED return policy so that you can shop with confidence.

  • Quality Guarantee

    We use only the highest quality material for our handmade jewelry.

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DAMALI Jewelry for the Soul



  1.  Ask yourself the question: "What do I want to attract more of into my life?"
  2.  Select the Healing Crystal Jewelry that matches your goals and intentions.
  3.  Wear your Crystal Healing Jewelry for 30 Days.
    (the time it takes to set a new habit).
  4. Be surprised at the outcome!
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We began our journey over 22 Years ago!

Established in 1999 (when Amazon was still Amazon Booksellers) we are STILL committed to helping you manifest your Hopes, Desires, Dreams, and Wishes of the Heart. EVERYTHING that you need to become your BEST self is already inside of you! Wear Symbols, Totems, Talismans, and Intentional Jewerly that reminds you of the Path YOU have Chosen. Let us help you get a few steps closer to the real YOU.

DAMALI STILL makes Healing Crystals Jewelry one bead at a time, with the Intention of supporting you on your journey. We make these ancient, meaningful, powerful materials available in every price range. Wear Healing Crystal Jewelry and Authentic Chakra Jewelry every day to help feel your healthiest, most energized self. 

Shop by Collection

  • 1. GEMSTONEGIFTS Handmade Jewelry

    GEMSTONEGIFTS Handmade Jewelry is our line of Crystal Birthstone Jewelry. Shop our sparkling Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Jewelry Collection including Crystal Anklets, Crystal Bracelets, and Crystal Earrings.

  • 2. DAMALI Jewelry for the Soul

    DAMALI is our Healing Crystals Jewelry, Affirmation Jewelry, and Intention Jewelry. This Collection is based on the Ancient Meanings of Gemstones, including our Authentic Chakra Jewelry Collection.

  • 3. JEWELS FOR GENTS Mens Jewelry

    JEWELS FOR GENTS is our Men's Beaded Jewelry collection. Our BEST SELLERS are our affordable Mens Birthstone Bracelets, in Semi-Precious Gemstones including Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

  • 4. SOBRIETYSTONES Spiritual Recovery Jewelry

    SOBRIETYSTONES is our line of Spiritual Recovery Jewelry, including our Mens Cross Necklaces and Cross Bracelets. Using the Ancient Meaning of Gemstones for Sobriety, Recovery, and Spiritual Connection.

Handmade Beaded Jewelry using Genuine Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled.
Authentic 7 Chakra Bracelets using Genuine Gemstones in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled. emstones.
Handmade Genuine Gemstone and Birthstone Jewelry for Men in Silver or Gold.
Anonymous Sobriety Recovery Jewelry for anyone on the Journey of Abstinence , discreet, without symbols or AA or other Recovery symbols so that it can be worn as a daily reminder where ever you are..