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I'm going to tell you a secret some retailers probably won't be happy I'm revealing.. If someone tells you they have special "healing grade" gems ("expensive"), or that their line of necklaces or brand of crystals or gem stones work better than someone else’s...RUN!

That's called "marketing" lol ... and just crap.  It is also about the most "un-spiritual" philosophy that I can think of and holds much more truth for the pocket book of the marketer than ANY truth for the Universal principles of healing...

And I will tell you why....  click here to read more...

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Ruby R. Alboliras
Ruby R. Alboliras

Dear Shirley,
It was a pleasure speaking with you.
Your work are indeed made with love and passion,
I just can’t decide. I am a petite asian woman and would love to have a very minimalist (no Bling) chakra bracelet
that is unique one of a kind .Is it possible to leave the design to you, Price about 50USD. Gratefully, Ruby

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