Why we love what we do!

All three brands of our jewelry here at GemstoneGifts Handmade Jewelry were created to help celebrate YOUR life, from birthdays, to anniversaries, to things yet to come.

GemstoneGifts was founded on a shoestring, and started out on nothing more than "a wing and a prayer". We believed we could make a difference, that jewelry could go beyond adornment to the physical embodiment of your heartfelt wishes.

Meaningful Jewelry you could wear, each and every day, to help your remember that you are on an amazing adventurous JOURNEY full of possibilites.

We create crystal healing Jewelry and inspirational jewelry gifts that lift you up, give you hope, and inspire you to be all that you can be! Every single piece combines the energy of the Universe (stones) and your intention for your life, (hope) to help you along your journey.

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