Tumbled Stone Pouches: Intentional Crystal Healing Energy Centers

Healing Crystals

Tumbled stones from DAMALI are cleansed, energized, and ready to help you reach your goals, or brings calm, soothing energy into your life.  We have a nice selection of all natural, un-dyed tumbles stones for you to choose from.  Remember that tumbled stones are crystals in their natural form, not faceted or cut for jewelry, so you can expect semi-precious stones like Rubies, Emeralds, and Citrine to have natural inclusions and sometimes, rough surfaces. Every Stone is unique, and has its own energy and story to tell those who can hear and learn from them. 

 Read our article on Selecting Stones to find the right stones for you!  It’s a very natural, organic experience, because your own Heart, Mind and Soul already know what they need.  You simply must be open to the experience, and listen. You will be led to the exact gemstone support that you need at this time in your life.  

 DAMALI tumbled stones are the perfect standalone vibrational enhancers, or you can group the together with our other healing stones into clusters to form Intentional Crystal Healing Energy Centers. Keep a group of tumbled stones for any Intention in dish in a prominent space for that specific Desire. Put Creativity Stones in your Studio.  Put Calming Stones by your bedside.  Put Wealth and Abundance Stones wherever you keep your purse or wallet, etc.

Shop our own Intentional Crystal Healing Energy Center Pouches according to your needs, or pick your own stones from our A to Z Healing List to address a more specific need.

 Beginners should “keep it simple”.  We all want to hurry and heal, with so many issues to resolve these days, but try to limit your choices to a few Intention Healing Centers in your living space for a while. You can also have one or two at work, and perhaps one in your car.

 Try to focus on just a few to start.  Select tumbled stones with a common theme or intention, or select one stone for each Desire of you Heart. We suggest that you always include a Clear Quartz Crystal stone to amplify, energize, and cleanse the energy around the other stones.

 Despite its current popularity, using stones for crystal healing is not New Age. It is as old as time itself. There are records of the healing properties of stones that goes back to the Incas and Tribal culture.  Browse thru our DAMALI Crystal Healing Tumbled Stones and feel for yourself what vibrational healing thru gemstone therapy is all about!

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