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14k GF Blue Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Anklets December Birthstone Crystal Healing Ankle Bracelets


Blue Lapis Lazuli 14k Gold Filled Healing Crystal Gemstone Anklets for Women

Transformation | Intuition | Personal Power

Activate Crystal Healing Energy by wearing genuine gemstones on your ankle pulse points. This 14k Gold Anklet is made with over 5 grams of 14k gold filled beads. Made to last and keep its shine for years to come.

Intention: Lapis Lazuli encourages the communication of your truth and stimulates intuition and the thirst for knowledge.

LAPIS LAZULI: The stone of friendship and/or Stone of Total Awareness. Promotes self-knowledge, abundance, wisdom, honesty and communication.  Releases tension and anxiety and enhances psychic ability.  It helps one to overcome depression and enhances a state of serenity. It is said to bring cheer to the user and success in relationships.  This stone is light blue to azure with specks of pyrite in the matrix. Aids healing in the areas of the neck, larynx, and vocal chords. Also lowers blood pressure and regulates the thyroid gland.

You can also select a smaller size and wear as a "minimalist" style bracelet.

The ONLY way to size a beaded item is to add or remove beads, so beaded items are priced by LENGTH.  A bracelet in this style will have 3 gemstone "stations" using 9 Gemstone Beads.  A anklet bracelet in this style will have 15 Gemstone Beads as pictured.

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Lapis Anklet

Very well made lapis anklet.

Gemstone glory

What beautiful work, and the ability to work with a specialist one on one! Highly recommend!!!

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