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Lapis Lazuli 14k Gold Filled Minimalist Dainty Anklet March Birthstone

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Minimalist Lapis Gold Anklet

If you are going to make a 3 Gemstone Minimalist Anklet, they better be AMAZING little gemstones ! These 3 Gemstone Beads are "top shelf!"

Sometimes less is more. If your already wearing a drop dead outfit with lots of attention-getting color and movement, like Wedding Attire, or Prom Gowns, or Evening Wear, then you might just want to add one of our Minimalistic anklets to add a dash of color to draw the eye downward, to take the whole look in, without being "too much" competition to your fabulous outfit!

They are wispy, slim strands of gold or silver, touched by just a spot of color. We think they are darling, and you will too!

Handcrafted with .925 Sterling Silver or Gold Filled, Genuine Gemstones, strung on Designer Grade Softflex 57 Strand Steel Cable, and finished with a secure lobster clasp closure.


CLARITY: Lapis lazuli is a royal blue stone corresponding to the brow (6th) chakra. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone for those who seek spiritual development. It' brings mental clarity & emotional healing.

Work with lapis lazuli to awaken your ability to see truth, access wisdom, and center your consciousness. Lapis lazuli fosters the ability to see the "big picture", the deeper tides flowing through events. Work with lapis lazuli to release and heal emotional pain, restoring harmony in present time.

Lapis brings truthfulness, openness, inner power, intuition, virility and manifestation. It strengthens the mind and body as well as increasing awareness and spiritual evolution. It can help organize daily life and contact guardian spirits. Lapis also helps build self-confidence and is a stone traditionally for royalty. Lapis brings spiritual love and is also known for enhancing love and fidelity within marriage. It is associated with the throat and brow chakras and can help one say just the right thing, at the right time. Lapis protects from both physical and psychic attacks.

SPIRITUALLY, Lapis stimulates the consciousness toward the awakening of the perfection of the self. If you do not know how beautiful you are, then you do not as yet see your true nature. You are a being of LIGHT. Lapis can help open the part of the mind that brings with it the knowing that you are part of "All that is"

Lapis can help overcome depression, and open the door to self acceptance, which leads to serenity. For many people all over the world Lapis lazuli is considered a stone of truth and friendship.

COMMUNICATION: This deep blue stone brings about harmony in relationships and helps its wearer to become an authentic individual who may openly and fearlessly state his or her deepest thoughts to another.

PHYSICAL: Disorders of the throat, bone marrow, thymus and immune system. Insomnia, vertigo, and dizziness. Helps repair hearing loss and damage to the Eustachian tube. Lapis has ALSO been used for sinus ailments.

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Lapis Lazuli 14k Gold Filled Minimalist Dainty Anklet March Birthstone
Lapis Lazuli 14k Gold Filled Minimalist Dainty Anklet March Birthstone


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