Tiny Rituals: Healing with Crystals


There are thousands of websites and business that have jumped on the “new age” Spiritual Jewelry and Crystal Healing Jewelry band-wagon. Some of them genuinely “practice what they preach” and have put much time, energy, and money behind their Crystal Healing line of jewelry. Others? It’s a business, and you make whatever is “trendy” and sell to survive. There is no shame in a retail business doing what it must to put food on the table for family, and pay employees. This is not about whether these businesses are ethical..that’s another article.

It is about the quality of Chakra Jewelry. How being invested in what they sell greatly reflects the Chakra Jewelry that is offered.

As a consumer, you might be interested in a few facts about Chakra Jewelry and Chakra Stones to help you make your final selection.

A brief description of Chakra is that there are SEVEN major energy centers in the body. Each of these energy centers vibrates to a different color and number, one thru seven. Chakra jewelry with the proper seven stones will “tune” these centers by emitting the frequency or vibrations required to return each chakra to the proper alignment.

This is the purpose of Chakra Jewelry.

Here are some facts to help you select a Chakra Bracelet.

There should be SEVEN DIFFERENT STONES, each vibrating to a DIFFERENT number. You will find that many business sell Chakra Jewelry with the same stones, dyed in different colors. These stones will all vibrate to the SAME number, not different numbers just because they are dyed a different color. The most common stones used to dye are White Jade, White Howlite, Tiger Eye, and Lava Rock. These are the cheapest stones you can buy, at about 1.00 per strand of 85 beads. That means they can make 85 bracelets for about $10.00 USD with these stones.

What is important for you to know, is that they will NOT align all seven Chakras.


Another tactic, on the other end of the scale, are business that want you to believe that they sell “better quality healing stones”, and that makes for better vibrational alignment. I think you know already know what this is about. MONEY. There is no merit to this argument. (There is an article about that here)

Gemstones were made in the earth millions of years ago, dug up as lumps of minerals, and then mined and cut into shapes and beads. It is the MINERAL that vibrates and aligns your Chakra. That is not to say there are not different GRADES of gemstones and beads. That is a fact. Most Chakra Jewelry you will find in large department stores will use COMMERCIAL GRADE ( “C” Grade) beads, between 5.00 and 10.00 per strand.

For example, commercial GARNET is about $10 a strand, gemstone quality Grade AAA is about $300.00 a strand. Price should always reflect quality when you are buying gemstones.

Although they are much different in beauty, clarity, vibrancy, color, etc., and you will pay more for higher grade stones, remember!! They all VIBRATE to the same number, no matter the grade.

We hope this article from DAMALI BY GEMSTONEGIFTS HANDMADE JEWELRY will be useful in purchasing your next CHAKRA Bracelet

Once you have determined that the stones are genuine, let your wallet decide the quality of gemstones to purchase.