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Handmade Sterling Silver Gemstone Anklets Blue Kyanite


Silver Gemstone Beaded Anklets


One of the great things about wearing an anklet is that its ALL ABOUT YOU!

It's not about a "dress code" - the office pants suit, the uniform, the work clothes, the bankers attire. Its a little itty-bitty part of the "girlie side of you" peeking out under it all...being YOU.

It's YOUR look, you're style, your little statement in every step.

Anklets are for FUN, and it's just between you and your feet! What is it about an anklet that makes you feel so fabulous, so girlie and so sexy? It is having your ankle surrounded with precious gemstones? It is the Gold? The Silver? The Sparkle? The Color? The Glances? Or just that smile when you look into the mirror, seeing that little extra dash of glitter or color that pulls the whole look together?

Whatever is it for you, just remember, when it comes to anklets..... ALL ABOUT YOU!!

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