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Handmade 14k Gold Filled Red Garnet Chandelier Earrings


Handmade Wire Worked Gold Filled Chandelier Earrings using small Genuine Red Rhodonite Garnet Buttons.

Large enough to be noticed, light enough to wear every day!

These Garnet Chandelier Earrings are a little over 2 Inches long. Every single little gemstone is wire- wrapped one at a time, each pair of earrings take 2 hours to make! Please look at the picture and notice that the garnet buttons are free-form, hand cut, and not perfectly identical. We do not just use "pre-made" parts and attach our gemstones, we wire wrap each bead individually and attach them to our custom wire form shapes.

We do not import, or mass-produce. You will never see another person wearing these earrings!

We make every item we sell, and that gives you unlimited choices! These handmade chandelier earrings can be made in your choice of swarovski crystal colors, or genuine gemstones. Let us know if you would like these in another finish, we can make them in copper, sterling silver, yellow gold, or rose gold.

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