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ALL Agates are Ancient Stones of Protection in all ways: They can balance the Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual energies.

Cleanses and Balances the Aura. All agates can remove blockages from any chakra. Agates can transform and eliminate negativity. They stimulate analytical capabilities, precision, increase perceptiveness to situations, and enhance creativity. Agates awaken as-yet undiscovered abilities and latent talent. Promote marital fidelity.

Keywords for Agate Stones: grounding, protection, security; aura, spiritual growth, precision, perceptiveness, concentration and memory. "


Black Onyx Blue Lace Agate Throat Chakra Bracelet COMMUNICATION | STABILIZING | CALMING AGATE gives you the courage and conviction to make difficult choices. Blue Lace Agate gives emotional support, promoting acceptance of one’s situation at the moment. A calming stone that lifts depression and worry, replacing it with internal peace. Blue Lace Agate is also dissolves blocks that inhibit...