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SobrietyStones Spiritual Recovery Jewelry

Beaded Sobriety Necklace, Layering Necklace, Sobriety Gifts Recovery Jewelry 12 Step AA Jewelry by Sobriety Stones

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Celebrate your 12 Step Recovery Anniversary, Sobriety Date, or Sober Birthday with a Unique Sobriety Gift ! 12 Step Sterling Silver OR 14K Gold Filled Gemstone Sobriety Necklace. Discrete genuine gemstone beaded recovery jewelry pendant necklace made with Twelve Step Stones and finished in Gold or Silver to create a discrete Alcoholics Anonymous Jewelry Sober Gift.

A card explaining the meaning of each stone, and step it symbolizes is included. Also included is a copy of the AA Promises. You item will be arrive in a jewelry box with gold ribbon.

One of the reasons I designed these was to be anonymous. They have no AA signs or numbers to make people ask "What does the 2 stand for?" That means Sober people can wear it all day, every day, including at work.

My experience with being sober over 20 years, was that after a while, you prefer to be discrete. Also, after the next anniversary, the number of years wont be valid. What about a little Birthstone at the end of a dangle for their Anniversary Month? We call the day we got sober our "Sober Birthday".


They do seem to go together at first... but have heart and work the steps. RECOVERY WORKS!!!  Just remember to take it ONE DAY AT A TIME! The best is yet to come.... 
The Promises WILL come true for you if you are consistent.  IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT. 


STEP 1 - ACCEPTANCE (Amethyst) -The Ancients believed that having an Amethyst could help avoid drunkenness', which is why it symbolizes the First Step, which is about admitting we have a problem. It symbolizes Sobriety and Abstinence from any substance.

STEP 2 - FAITH (Peridot or Citrine) - Citrine was selected as a second step  "Spiritual Stone" for people to carry that have not yet had a spiritual awakening, or are having trouble relating to a "Higher Power".  The Ancients believed that it helped people who trouble relating to the reality of a world beyond the physical world. They believed that it could help make a connection to the Spiritual world and discover that it was benevolent, and willing to support and aid you in a personal way. Because it is Yellow, and see thru, they believed it to be the bearer of optimism, joy, and happiness.

STEP 3 - SURRENDER (Azurite, Smokey Quartz or Ruby) - The Ancients believed that it could help to set aside willfulness (turning over our own self will) and headstrong behavior.

STEP 4 - HONESTY (Turquoise, Apatite or Obsidian) - Just about every Ancient Culture believed that these stones were Truth Stones, and helped each individual gain insight into their truth about themselves.  They felt you could never really know your purpose in this world until you were able to see your true self. Use this stone stone as a reminder to share your vision and "WALK your TALK!" This step is not a "think it" step... it's a "DO IT!" step. The truth is very motivating to those ready to hear it. By doing so, you make it okay for others to believe and follow.

STEP 5 - COURAGE (Carnelian or Sodalite) - This step calls for some courage. To believe we will still be loved. To walk forward in spite of fear. To take the ACTION of selecting one to whom we will bare our soul. This step seems to be one that many people procrastinate about taking.  Many times, shame, guilt and fear of revealing our past to another human being will hold someone back from being able to take this step. the Anceints beleived that Carnelian and Sodalite could motivate people into action.  It was revered by Warriors. They believed that Carnelian gave them the ability to do what must be done, and that Sodalite helped them overcome their feeling of regret or remorse for what they might have done.  They believed that Sodalite could eliminate or alleviate Shame, Fear and Guilt better than any other stone.

STEP 6 - WILLINGNESS (Charoite or Fluorite) - Letting Go of Defects. The Ancients believed in meditation, looking inward. They believed it builds purity of spirit and helps to clarify those aspects of our spiritual nature that it is time to release and let go, as they no longer serve our higher good. The Ancients thought that these stones could help their people to overcome bad habits that interfered with them becoming an asset to their family and their community. 

STEP 7 - HUMILITY (Quartz Crystal) - The Ancients believed this stone was the symbol of Universal Wisdom, and Healing. They said that this stone amplifies heart felt prayers, wishes and positive visualizations. They believed it kept them  in touch with their spiritual side, and reminded them that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. They taught that all spiritual pursuits could  be stimulated and amplified using this stone's energy, helping the people to be receptive to higher guidance.

STEP 8 - FORGIVENESS (Peridot or Agate) - Blue Lace Agate: I personally believe the hardest part of "becoming willing" in this step is letting go of the resentments, anger, and bitterness we feel toward the very people we are trying to make the amends to. Rationalization, justification, and self righteous anger can keep us stuck on this step a long time. The Ancients believed that Moss Agate, Amethyst, Rhodochrosite fostered forgiveness, while Green Agates removed Resentments and Jealousy: Blue Agates  were used to overcome Bitterness.

STEP 9 - FREEDOM (Rose Quartz or Sodalite) - I believe this step becomes possible when love replaces anger, fear, and guilt. The process of amends releases the burden of guilt and remorse we have carried for so long, and finally sets us FREE. This is the step that gives you WINGS. The Ancients believed Rose Quartz taught unconditional love of self and others, forgiveness and tolerance.

STEP 10 - PERSEVERENCE (Snowflake Obsidian or Pearls) - The Ancients believed that Snowflake Obsidian was an "ego buster" - reveling the truth about ourselves in a none too gentle manner. Sometimes, an illness can be treated with medication, and other times, surgery is required. According to history, Obsidian cuts through all our defenses and exposes us naked to ourselves. They say that you should wear obsidian to stay "right size"

STEP 11 - PATIENCE (Turquoise or Iolite[Water Sapphire]) - Higher Awareness - Just about all ancient cultures revered Turquoise and Iolite for spiritual awareness. They say that one of its primary functions is to stimulate us as spiritual beings, guiding us to a higher awareness, and awakening us to the inner knowledge that so patiently waits within each of us.

STEP 12 - LOVE (Azurite or Labradorite) - The FLASH will remind you of this stones purpose. The Ancients believed that Labradorite would bring forth each person's strengths and gifts to share with the world, and each other. It is used here to symbolize and remember To carry the message... to those who still suffer. 

SILVER: MIRROR OF THE SOUL Ancient Lore tells us that Silver is used to bring patience and perseverance to the wearer. They believed the smooth surface helped to  smooth over the rough spots in ones personality that might at times be considered "abrasive". Silver reflects your image, not as you are, but helps us to see ourselves as other see us, which could lead to positive changes.

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Beaded Sobriety Necklace, Layering Necklace, Sobriety Gifts Recovery Jewelry 12 Step AA Jewelry by Sobriety Stones
A little booklet with the 12 Step Stones listed with the meaning of each stone.
A little booklet with the 8 Promises of AA when you take these Steps.


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