Long ago, further back than the first stones date, swirling clouds of Star Dust became caught in the gravitational pull of Grandfather Sun. One theory says the dust came from the explosion of a twin Sun, explaining how they came to be so close to the Grandfather. Of course, no one really knows exactly what happened.  

Most scientists agree that gases and space dust were pulled into orbital paths around the Sun. Somehow these gases began to liquify, raising the temperatures of these swirls, then as they gained density, they attracted more Star Dust and space debris, growing and slowly developing an outer crust.   Every stone on Mother Earth shares a connection to those natal Star energies that spawned ours, and the planets around us. Many of them hold the footprints of the very first organisms to nourish and thrive on Mother. Others have been transformed, reshaped and moved by the constant labor pains of Earth.  

The oldest stones have been dated back 4.5 billion years. Most gemstones and crystals began forming approximately 200 - 400 million years ago. Many of them date back to the shifting of the continental plates, which caused catastrophic earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, mixed with the tremendous friction created by the massive forces at work equaled the perfect conditions for crystal growth.  

The geological truth is, these conditions still exist. In some areas (mostly below the oceans), only three miles separate Earth's outer crust from her molten heart. Most of the time, there are 20 to 30 miles of insulating stone between you and the magma. Continental plates in the Himalayas Mountains are still pushing together, as they are all around the world. As much as an inch a year in some regions. All this means, stones, gems, crystals are still being formed, the process is not complete.  

It also means any stone can be a tool for manifesting your higher good, your fullest potential. Inside every stone is the story of change, evolution, strength and improvement. Inside every stone is your story of challenge, survival and spiritual triumph.  

In the simplest geological terms, there are three basic types of stones that you will find in your back yard. IGNEOUS, SEDIMENTARY and METAMORPHIC. The formation of these stones is as complicated and diverse as the most rare crystal, even breaking down into several subclasses. I'll try to keep it simple.  


These are some of the oldest stones on Mother Earth. Formed by the cooling of molten magma, many of these original stones contained high concentrations of minerals. As Mother slowly aged, these minerals would precipitate out of these stones, which then became perfect hosts for growing crystals.

Obsidian, Limestone, Quartz, Agate are all examples of Igneous stones. Extremely hot liquid minerals that cooled into solids. These are the teachers. The stones that will help you see your greatest potential. If your lessons are endurance, persistence and spiritual maturity, or if your path involves any kind of learning, carry an Igneous stone from your back yard.  

You can recognize these stones by their hard, compact appearance. Some may have a crystallized surface.  


These stones are formed by the weathering process of the planet. As the mountains wear away, the gravel, dust, sand is washed into creeks, hillsides, ravines and valleys. It collects, building layer over layer, pressure from water, time and crawling glaciers create new stones from the remains of the old.  

Sedimentary stones are created from their environment, just as we are shaped by ours. Often, when our childhood environment was painful, we carry those pains with us. Using Sedimentary stones can help you become a new person, by breaking down those old walls, and building something more beautiful and much stronger from the remains.  

Chrysocolla, Turquoise and Selenite are some of the stones formed through the sedimentary process. You can pick these stones from you yard by looking for layers within the stone, a tendency to crumble and they also weigh much less than other stones of equal size.  


These are stones that were quite literally smashed together by tremendous geological forces. The weight of land masses crashing together creates friction, causing nearby stones to become heated to the point of being very soft, but not quite liquid. This halfway point allows the different minerals to be folded together.  

Charoite, Tiger Iron, Jadeite and Nephrite are examples of Metamorphic stones. To identify possible Metamorphic stones in your yard, look for folded lines, distinctive zones or a woven together appearance. These will be the most difficult stones to locate, unless you live in a geologically active region.  

As survivors of change, a Metamorphic stone is your best companion for navigating the changes in your life.  They will also help you initiate change from within. Meditate with these stone to examine your motivations, goals, desires. Are these really what you want? What are you doing to achieve them?   Use your free Stones exactly as you would any crystal or gem. Cleanse them before using, introduce yourself and your intent and charge it with that intention.  

If stones are not readily available in your yard, try a nearby stream or creek. The dirt road that goes into the woods by my house offers a treasure trove of stones. It's hard not to bring them all home. Please be aware, that if you are in a national or state park, it is against the law to remove anything. Be sure to leave a gift behind when you collect your stone. Some recommend tobacco, personally, I like leaving other stones.  

Abundant blessings,



© Copyright 2001

This Article was originally written and published  by Stephanie Pflumm.  If anyone can locate her, I will happily contact her, give her credit, and a link.