M - Meaning of MOONSTONE | Stone of Emotional Balance | Intuition | Discernment |

Tiny Rituals: Guide to Healing with Crystals

Use as A Symbol Totem or Talisman
Meaning of Moonstone - Stone of Emotional Balance
| Intuition | Balance | Discernment |


COLOR: Feldspar. Color: White - Usually milky with a bluish or yellowish tint. Translucent with white, pink, yellow, soft sheen.



CHAKRA: 2nd and 6th Chakras

VIBRATIONS: Vibrates to the Number #4


ENHANCES THESE CAREERS: Health care: Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Health Care workers.
OTHER: Sailors, Coast Guard, Swimmers

KEYWORDS: Happiness, Gracefulness, Good Fortune, Hope, Spiritual Insight, Easy Childbirth, Safe Travel On Water, New Beginnings,Re-Birth,  Adjusting To Changes, Abundance And Ancient Wisdom. Especially For Water Signs. Motherly Love, Support, Encouragement





PROTECTION: ACTIVITIES: Gardening, vacation cruses, swimming, water sports

MOONSTONES help soothe and balance the emotions. They assist in the master of your emotions by bringing them under control of your will, instead of repressing or expressing them. Moonstone represents the great Mother Goddess. Her strength lies in her gentleness, and her ability to experience, process, and neutralize her feelings. 

A stone of wishes, intuition, and balance, Moonstone helps both men and women be more comfortable with their gentler feminine side. Brings to you all that is needed.

DISCERNMENT: "Want" and Need" do not come from the same place. Moonstone can assist you in absorbing those things that are “needed” in life while helping you discern what is merely “wanted”.

Some people think that Moonstone is strictly a feminine stone, because it is associated with a woman's monthly cycle. But nurturing, gentle care, and unselfish humanitarian service is not simply a female attribute. 

Moonstone can unblock those feelings in both men AND women who are afraid to acknowledge or experience consciously how they feel on a personal and internal level. 

COMPASSION: This is a great stone for Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, and other Health Care Workers, who sometimes feel they must repress much of what they feel to function more effectively, at the expense of gentleness that comes with empathy and compassion.   It will bring emotions and feelings under one’s control without becoming hardened to the human suffering they see daily. 

Moonstone will help achieve a balance between heart and mind without losing the gentleness and caring needed, yet keep it in check to allow you to function effectively.

Moonstone can come to the aid of many Executives, who have sacrificed feeling emotionally connected to the people that work for them to function more efficiently, only to find that his employees now are difficult to work with and have little loyalty because of this detachment. You can rebuild a caring environment while maintaining order by allowing yourself to get in touch with the emotional aspects of management. 

Unhappy workers who feel you are distant and detached are not productive employees. Slip a piece of Moonstone in your pocket to remind you to take the time to ponder decisions from all aspects.

LOVE: In the Eastern cultures, Moonstone was favored for LOVE. They believed that wearing or carrying a moonstone would bring a new love into your life. They also believe that holding a piece of moonstone over their hearts after a quarrel, and then exchanging the stones with each other, would bring you back together.

NATURE: Like Moss Agate, Malachite, and Jade, Moonstone is associated with Gardening. All four are attributed to nature, water, and fertilization. Wear a Moonstone Crystal Healing Bracelet during planting, weeding, or watering, and visualize your garden bursting with fertility as you work. Hang a small wind chime and dangle these stones over your garden, or bury a few small pebbles in the earth.

TRAVELERS: Because of the way it travels thru the Zodiac, Moonstone is also considered a protective stone while traveling, especially at night or on the water. The perfect stone for Swimmers, Sailors and going on vacation cruises.

Many people who work with Tarot Cards, Runes, Crystal Balls, Medicine Cards or any other type of divining tool, keep a Moonstone with them to heighten intuition and perceptions while working with them.

ANGEL: Archangel Gabriel is the angel of the moon who brings man the gift of hope. He is the spirit of truth and the prince of justice. He is the alchemy of psychic gifts, intuition, and receptivity. Ruler of Monday, psychic gifts, intuition, visions, magic, clairvoyance, scrying, astral travel, herbal medicine, the cycles of women, and female aspects of men. Patron of communications & postal workers. His symbols are the lily and the trumpet, and his stone is the moonstone.  Gabriel's candle colors are silver, white and blue. Gabriel's color energies are white, silver, rose, blue, crystal, and scarlet.