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Stone: Rose Quartz Jewelry

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PINK ROSE QUARTZ UNCONDITIONAL LOVE | CALM | HARMONY | PEACE Rose Quartz is a stone of soft, gentle love. It brings emotional peace, calm, and clarity to you and your relationships. Helps to still the mind and restore harmony after chaotic or crisis situations. Rose Quartz connects the Heart and Crown Chakras, helping heal past emotional wounds. Its' calming...


Sterling Silver "Soul Mate" Rose Quartz & Garnet Crystal Lariat Necklace Made with Rose Quartz, Garnet in Sterling Silver or Gold Filled. This Unconditional Love Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Lariat / Lasso Necklace is made with genuine gemstones. If you like this style, we can make it in a variety of colors! Create a Custom Lariat Necklace. You can have...